Saturday, 16 December 2017

Surface Pro 4 Gaming Controller - Mark 2

Last year I retrofitted a Lynx Vision controller onto my Surface Pro 4.

Here's the step by step guide:

It's been wonderful to game on.

Above is the one I made last December.

This year I decide to make an updated version. Surface Pro 4 gaming controller Mark 2!
With extra USB ports at the back. I spent a weekend carefully whittling to hollow out the bit of wood in order to house the USB ports and reattached the gaming controller to this. There was much more fiddly rewiring to do than the first version.
Other minor changes was to make it a few centimetres narrower so that it would fit better in my backpack, keeping all the wiring (aside from the main one that connects to the Surface Pro 4) inside the wood whereas last time I just covered it with tape, and using magnets at the base of the back plate to keep it secure when it is folded down to the Surface Pro 4 whereas before I had used velcro.

Below is the current version.

A couple of versions thst went wrong as I was trying to figure out the wiring through trial and error. 

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