Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Animated Artwork

Here are some examples of loops from paintings I animated in After Effects. The goal was to bring to life some artwork to be used as backgrounds for digital collector cards at epics.gg

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  1. Hi Vince, awesome artwork! I was inspired by your Switch and Surface vids to start a DIY Alienware UFO handheld using an Intel Nuc, a Linx controller and a LCD with a HDMI module. I'm still waiting on the LCD from China, as the postal systems have ground to a halt, but I was thinking on dismantling the Linx today and trying to attach a USB. Your blog post is very informative, but I've never rewired anything before...would you have any additional pictures or guides, as I'm a complete Noob in that regard, and I'm afraid I might ruin the controller!